SUP – Stand Up Paddleboard

No rental of SUP in 2021.

Test the fastest growing water sport in the world. SUP has become very popular because it can be exercised by everyone. It’s easy and fun to learn, gives good training, stamina and balance. The boards are stable and you stand up and paddle with a long paddle with a blade.

We use professional inflatable boards from the world-leading Red Paddle. The boards meet the market’s highest expectations and have the same properties as hard boards.

We have the following boards for rent:

  • Red Paddle CO 10’6” Ride, The paddler’s weight up to 100 kg
  • Red Paddle CO 10’7″ Ride WindSurf, The paddler’s weight up to 100 kg
  • Red Paddle CO 10’8” Ride, The paddler’s weight up to 120 kg

Rental prices SUP 2020
1 h150 SEK250 SEK
2 h
250 SEK350 SEK
3 h300 SEK400 SEK
24 hours (incl. pump)500 SEK650 SEK

SUPs can be pre-ordered and delivered at Snapens bathing beach, harbour or Ekuddens bathing beach (next to the campsite). +46 (0)735 81 82 82

You get a theoretical introduction before starting. In addition to the board are a paddle, life jacket and leash (a line that makes the board not disappear if you fall off) included.

We do not normally have staff on site. SUP is no problem to manage on its own in normal winds. Windsurfing requires a little more of you. It is good if you have tried before otherwise, we choose a place based on the wind direction so that you can easily get back to the beach.

Our boards are inflatable and can be rolled up and transported. If you want to paddle at another place you get a pump so that you can easily transport the SUP to where you want to paddle.

Red Paddle CO 10’6” Ride is by far the most popular inflatable SUP board in the world. It is a classic board in all corners of the earth. Designed to fit the requirements of a real all-rounder. It has a good glide on the flat water while it also surfs waves with ease.

Red Paddle CO 10’7″ Ride is built on the world’s best-selling inflatable SUP board (Ride 10’6 “) where you have mounted a fastening point for windsurfing sail. Windsurf 10’7” has a real Daggerboard (centre board) for even better course stability when windsurfing.

Red Paddle CO 10’8” Ride The perfect board for those who are a bit bigger or who want a board where even the kids can follow along on the tour. A super-stable board that is easy to paddle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult, will I fall in?
No! Paddling is definitely not difficult. The boards are very stable. We can never guarantee that you will not fall in, but it is not often that happens if you do not play and want to test the boundaries a bit.

What are you wearing when paddling?
Comfortable clothes like shorts / swimwear / workout clothes work well and you quickly get warm once you paddle a little. We have a few wetsuits for lending when the water is cold. Your usual clothes also work but then it can be safe to bring a change.

What do I do with my clothes and valuables?
At Snapens bathing beach there are changing rooms and showers. Our staff can also take care of your valuables if necessary.