Beginner course with companion rescue

This course is for those who have not paddled kayak before or who have just tried at some point. A slightly more comprehensive course with a focus on paddling technique and safety for those who want to learn to paddle kayak. We train on peer rescue and on getting back up in the kayak from the water. We paddle out for a short trip and also take a small snack.

This we will train on:

  • Get in and out of the kayak
  • How to effectively paddle without tiring quickly
  • Operate the kayak
  • Stop and paddle backwards
  • Rollover (optional but highly recommended)
  • Save a friend who rolled over
  • Save yourself
  • We will also talk about the kayak, equipment, sea fat and about showing respect for nature.

The course takes up a large part of the contents of the paddle-pass level yellow but also focuses a little extra on safety and rescue exercises. Yellow level follows the try-out level and is the first of five levels in the paddle pass, which is the Swedish canoe association’s version of Euro Paddle Pass – EPP.

  • Time: Mondays 16-19:30
  • Location: Our rental in the eastern harbor in Mariestad
  • Swedish coffee break (Fika) is included
  • Number of participants: 2-6
  • Swimming skills 200 m are required
  • Minimum age: 18 years or 12 years in the parent’s company
  • Price: 790 SEK
  • Rent a kayak for the rest of the day for SEK 100

The following may be useful depending on the weather conditions
Swimsuit or swimwear 
Water resistant shoes / sandals if you do not want to paddle barefoot 
Thin windproof jacket 
A base in wool or functional material 
Cap as protection against the sun 
Strap if you use glasses  
A complete change

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