Scenic archipelago tour in Vänern

Join us on a guided tour of the Onsö archipelago. One of the finest nature reserves in Lake Vänern. During the tour, we often see large birds of prey, such as ospreys and sea eagles. The nature of Onsö is varied, and here you can find several different nature types. Most important of these are the old coniferous forests that dominate the island.

We paddle in a quiet pace and stop for coffee, rest and swimming.

  • Coffee and sandwich are included
  • Fully equipped kayaks and life jacket are included
  • If you do not have previous paddling experience, it is advisable, but not necessary, to take a  beginner’s course before this tour. It requires a decent fitness level to be able to carry out the tour.
  • Swimming skills are required
  • Starting from Dillö on Torsö 11:00, passengers travel free from Mariestad depending as long as there is space. Back in Onsö about 15:00.
  • 2-8 participants (at early booking up to about 20 participants)
  • Price 990 SEK / person

When the sea eagle passes straight over us, it becomes clear how impressively large it really is.

The sea eagle, Europe’s giant eagle, can reach 2.5 meters between the wingtips, and the body can reach a meter in length. Vänern is ideal for sea eagles. Here there are small islands that form nesting sites and plenty of fish and seafowl to eat in the shallower areas.

The tour primarily goes around Onsö outside Dillö but is adapted to the participants’ paddling habits and prevailing weather conditions. The trip may be moved in “bad” weather based on wind and wave conditions. The meeting place will be announced no later than the day before the tour.

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