One of the most attractive excursion destinations in the Mariestad archipelago is the island of Brommö. Many people travel here by ferry from Laxhall, on Torsö, to hike or cycle around the island. Choosing to kayak instead gives you a completely different experience and freedom!

Nature is reminiscent of the west coast, with smooth rock outcrops and dunes. Here there are lovely swimming beaches and rich animal and birdlife. Wind shelters, dry toilets, and fireplaces are prepared on the island. No shops or restaurants are available, so you should pack everything you need.

Our rental has no staff and is located near the trailer ramp just south of Laxhall Hamnkrog. You book online and can unlock and collect your kayak yourself. Be sure to leave an email that we can reach you at when you book online. You will then receive a code sent to you before you pick up your kayak.

You unlock and pull out the kayak you booked when you reach the center. The paddle is in the compartment where the kayak is located. A mandatory life jacket hangs under the roof. Sprayskirt is available if you wish to cover the cockpit.

When you are back, wipe the kayak clean with a sponge. We reserve an amount of SEK 200 on your card if you return the kayak uncleaned. You then unlock it with the same code, push the kayak into the same place where you took it, hang up the life jacket and spray skirt to dry, and lock the kayak again.

All paddling is at your own risk. If, against the odds, the kayak should be damaged, we can demand compensation for this. We reserve the right to cancel the paddling in case of strong wind.

For safety reasons, we do not rent open canoes on Lake Vänern. Instead, choose one of our stable and safe tandem kayaks that are safe on the inland lake Vänern if you want to paddle together.

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