Our Environmental Policy

There is a lot of talk about climate change. The focus is often on talking. The transition to a carbon-neutral society goes way too slowly. We have chosen not to talk so much and act instead. This is how we have become carbon neutral.

  • Since its start, Vänern Outdoor has used gas vehicles powered by biogas for onshore transport.
  • Our boat is powered by HVO 100, which is made without palm oil and is completely renewable.
  • When the wind is the right one, we sail.
  • The dinghy for the boat is powered by an electric motor.
  • The food is mainly plant-based and with low climate impact.
  • We climate compensate for the emissions that still occur (we know that climate compensation is doubtful, but it is still better than giving up).

Here are some other areas we work with:

Public transport
The trip to the travel destination is often the largest part of the trip’s climate impact. Turn to us if you want help with times and itineraries when travelling here collectively. From Gothenburg, there are direct trains to us. We pick up and leave at the station at no cost by arrangement.

Do not leave any traces
Ecotourism is to preserve instead of destroying what the visitor has come to experience.

Benefit the local economy
Local ownership, local guides and local purchases benefit the local economy.

Environmentally adapted business
We work actively to minimize all the environmental impacts of the business.

Reconnection to nature
Unfortunately, many people have come so far from nature that they may need some guidance to find back. We help our guests to reconnect to nature.

Safety & Responsibility
Well-trained guides, good equipment, risk assessments and backup plans make the trips safe and secure.

We are members of, and part of, the Biosphere Reserve, Vänerskärgården with Kinnekulle. One area designated by Unesco as a model area for sustainable development. Designated due to the unique environment and rich cultural heritage.

A biosphere reserve has three purposes – to develop the society in a sustainable way, to preserve biological and cultural diversity, ecosystems and landscapes, and to support demonstration projects, research and environmental monitoring.

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