Reconnect with nature

I have always enjoyed nature. It has been like a home for me. A few years ago I worked with a computer in an office. A meaningful job about energy and climate issues, but a job far from nature. I wanted to get out, but I also wanted to convey nature experiences to others. Vänern Outdoor was born.

I am a natural scientist in the basics and I like to look scientifically at the world. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, I see how many people are getting farther away from nature. We lose the feeling and contact with nature. Today’s society and pulse can be tempting but it is in nature we have our roots and our biological heritage. Man is good at staying in nature. It is in nature that we find inner calm and recovery from a stressful everyday life.

I myself go and run barefoot as often as I can. One common opinion from people I meet is that one cannot “walk” barefoot in nature because of stones, cones and cones. Had a life without shoes not been possible, humans had been extinct for a long time, I think.

Without shoes, other experiences of the outside world will be added.

Is the surface soft or hard, dry or damp, slippery or rough, warm or cold? Similarly, we can also learn to open up and take in other impressions in nature.

A plant, a taste. Is it possible to eat? What is it good for? Previously, knowledge to survive. Now forgotten by most. Sound and scents, visual impressions and feelings. A jumble of species and impressions. How does everything work together? Unfortunately, many people have come so far from nature that they may need some guidance back. I believe that the difference between seeing nature pass outside the car window and being a part of nature is crucial for understanding the values of nature.

We help our guests to feed back to nature.

Peter van der Tol – Founder of Vänern Outdoor

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