Vänern Outdoor offers tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, outdoor kitchens, etc. for camping.

Tent & kota teepees

24 hours48 hoursAdditional daysWeek
Dome tent 2 pers.200 kr300 kr100 kr/day600 kr
Tunnel tent 3 pers.250 kr400 kr100 kr/day700 kr
Zirkon light 5 pers.350 kr500 kr150 kr/day1 000 kr
Safir bp 7 pers.400 kr600 kr200 kr/day1 200 kr
Zirkon/Kvarts light 9 pers.400 kr600 kr200 kr/day1 200 kr
Zirkon bp 15 pers.800 kr1 200 kr400 kr/day2 400 kr
Floor 5-15200 kr250 kr50 kr/day400 kr
Inner tent with floor 5 pers./9 pers.250 kr400 kr100 kr/day600 kr
Eldfell wood burning stove300 kr500 kr200 kr/day1 200 kr
Heckla mobile fireplace50 kr100 kr50 kr/day250 kr
Muurikka 58 (frying pan 58cm)50 kr100 kr50 kr/day250 kr
Sleeping bag with sheets75 kr150 kr50 kr/day300 kr
Inflatable sleeping mat75 kr150 kr50 kr/day300 kr
Camping bed75 kr150 kr50 kr/day300 kr
Camping kitchen / LPG50 kr + fuel100 kr50 kr/day250 kr
Backpack75 kr150 kr50 kr/day300 kr
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