Rent a Kota teepee tent

Teepee, or with another word a Kota, is more than a tent, it is a home that you can carry on your back. You can have an open fire or stove in all our tipis. Rent a teepee tent and let it be your home in the wilderness. You can’t live closer to nature.

Once you have slept in a Kota, it is difficult to go back to a “regular” tent. 

Our tents are made by Tentipi which are known for world-leading quality. They are used for everything from extreme expeditions, demanding hikes and a variety of outdoor activities. In short, an incredibly versatile tent. You can find detailed information about the tip tent on Tentipi’s website.

A lightweight tip can be stowed into a kayak or to carry in a backpack. A tepee in cotton fabric takes up more space and is heavier, but becomes a fantastic base camp for example. explore Tiveden’s national park from (note only that there is a ban on camping inside Tiveden’s national park). If you come from the south on your way to Tiveden, you can easily pick up and leave the tent hut when you pass Mariestad.

Tent Rental

Tent & kota teepees

24 hours48 hoursAdditional daysWeek
Dome tent 2 pers.200 kr300 kr100 kr/day600 kr
Tunnel tent 3 pers.250 kr400 kr100 kr/day700 kr
Zirkon light 5 pers.350 kr500 kr150 kr/day1 000 kr
Safir bp 7 pers.400 kr600 kr200 kr/day1 200 kr
Zirkon/Kvarts light 9 pers.400 kr600 kr200 kr/day1 200 kr
Zirkon bp 15 pers.800 kr1 200 kr400 kr/day2 400 kr
Floor 5-15200 kr250 kr50 kr/day400 kr
Inner tent with floor 5 pers./9 pers.250 kr400 kr100 kr/day600 kr
Eldfell wood burning stove300 kr500 kr200 kr/day1 200 kr
Heckla mobile fireplace50 kr100 kr50 kr/day250 kr
Muurikka 58 (frying pan 58cm)50 kr100 kr50 kr/day250 kr
Sleeping bag with sheets75 kr150 kr50 kr/day300 kr
Inflatable sleeping mat75 kr150 kr50 kr/day300 kr
Camping bed75 kr150 kr50 kr/day300 kr
Camping kitchen / LPG50 kr + fuel100 kr50 kr/day250 kr
Backpack75 kr150 kr50 kr/day300 kr

bp = heavy cotton and polyester fabric, light = lightweight nylon fabric

The prices are based on you picking up and returning the tent, boat and the equipment at Vänern Outdoor.

Review of Tentipi’s flagship Safir in the magazine Bushcraft 2013: Quality: 5/5 Features and features: 5/5 Value for money: 5/5 Storm security: 5/5 Ease of installation: 5/5

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