Hike in Djurö National Park

The page is under reconstruction. We will offer both one- and two-day tours to Djurö. The booking button leads to the two-day tour.

Join us for a trip to the exotic and scenic Djurö National Park in the heart of Europe’s largest lake archipelago. A hidden oasis in the inland sea of Vänern with Sweden’s perhaps most sunny climate. The inaccessible island group has a wilderness character except on smaller parts of the main island where there have previously been residents.

You have to travel at least eight kilometres across open water to visit Djurö National Park. Once in place, the impression of insulation is reinforced. To the north is only open water so long the eye reaches. Luröskärgården in the southwest is just a low stripe on the horizon.

No archipelago in the country is so isolated and it is precisely the seclusion that pleases (County Administrative Board)

In addition to wave-washed hills, pebble beaches and the rich bird life, there is a large grass-covered glade, on the main island Djurö, which is kept open by the grazing fallow deer. A nice contrast to the surrounding barren pine forest. The osprey is the character bird and nest in several places. We often see the sea eagle circling above the islands or crossing us during the boat trip.

The purpose of Djurö National Park is to preserve the wild and isolated archipelago. Let the forest develop into primaeval forest and protect bird life. There is also an exciting cultural history on the main island. Central to the island is the remains of an agricultural landscape. There is also a rich hunting villa from the time when the island was a hunting park.

The boat trip is an experience in itself. We travel with M / S Pärla, which is a safe two-mast motor sailor. You can come onboard in Mariestad or at Laxhall on Torsö. The tour goes through the beautiful archipelago and further across open water. In the west, Djurö National Park grows at the same time as we have a free horizon to the south and north on the great lake Vänern. When we have good wind, we are setting sails and let the wind bring us forward. The sail and keel also help make the transfer comfortable as a sailing boat rolls much less if the waves are large. M / S Pärla has room for everyone inside the boat in bad weather and generous spaces on deck when the weather is nice. On board, there is also a spacious toilet with WC.

Hiking in Djurö National Park: We start with lunch on the boat. On the island, we go through the plan for the hike and then we walk at a slow pace for about 2-3 hours. Your guide will tell you about nature as we pass through and show the cultural-historical sights on the island. There will be stories about times gone by and how humans previously lived on the island.

We hike along fields of wild rosemary that stretches over the cliffs at Vänern’s beach. There are forest trails that cross Djurö so take on good hiking shoes. Often we see the shy deer if we sneak in the right place. At a suitable place, we stop for a coffee break. If the weather is good, it will also stop for bathing for those who want.

Keep in mind that the children who follow the guided walk must either be able to walk the distance (2-3 hours along paths) or be carried on the back of the accompanying adult. In some places on the island there are composting toilets.


  • Departure from Mariestad: 8 AM
  • Departure from Laxhall ca 10 AM
  • Arrival at Djurö ca 12 PM
  • Departure from Djurö ca 4 PM
  • Arrival at Laxhall ca 6 PM
  • Arrival at Mariestad ca 8 PM

Adult: 1 490 kr
Children under 16 years: half price

Dates: Can be booked on request or on the dates posted during the season. We have a request for June 20 but not enough participants yet. Get in touch if you are interested in that date.

Group size: Min 6 fullpaying persons, max 12 persons

Age limit: Appropriate age for children is at least about 12 years, depending on their physical strength and endurance. Younger children can work in a tandem kayak with an adult. With private groups, we can adapt the paddles to what the children are capable of.

Keep in mind that the children who follow the guided walk must either be able to walk the distance (2-3 hours along paths) or be carried on the back of the accompanying adult.

Guide: As we often have participants from different countries, the guide normally takes place in English but the guides also speak Swedish.

Lunch and coffee break is included.

Vegetarian lunch on board. Coffee break, organic coffee or tea and cinnamon buns. On the boat, there are also snacks so that no one needs to be hungry on the trip.

Visitor information for Djurö National Park

If it blows too much, the tour might be cancelled. Too much wind means constant wind over 10 meters per second, but the skipper always has the last word as several factors contribute. It seldom happens during the summer that the tour needs to be cancelled. Just in case, please leave a phone number where we can reach you before departure.

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