Self-guided Kayaking in Vänern’s Archipelago

Vänern is the EU’s largest lake with many scenic archipelagos and around 22,000 islands and skerries that constitute a paradise for kayakers. The water in Vänern is so clean that you can drink it directly from the lake and Vänern is also one of the safest places in Sweden.

Most of Vänern’s archipelagos are unexploited. Large parts are set as a nature reserve. There, the forest has been left for free development with wilderness-like nature where multi-hundred-year-old pines allow sea eagles and osprey to breed. There are also dense moose populations, fallow deer, deer, and beaver. If you are lucky you can see one of them swimming between the islands.

Outside Mariestad there are several of the largest islands such as Torsö and Brommö with associated archipelagos. There are plenty of kayaking possibilities. Fine paddle areas are the Brommöarkipelagen north-west of Torsö, Kalvöarkipelagen north-east of Torsö and the archipelago around Dillö and Onsö. Here you will find vast sandy beaches, sanded rocky slopes and pebble stones. There are no crowds here and you can often find your own beach or island. You do not have to think about burning jellyfish or showering the salt after bathing.

In the middle of Vänern lies Djurö National Park with about 30 islands. It is Sweden’s most isolated archipelago with about 8 km of open water to the nearest islands. Paddling here requires a good knowledge of safety.

If you want to go on a longer expedition with kayak, Vänern’s coastline is about 500 km long. If we count on the archipelagos, the total shoreline is over 2,000 km long.

Vänern Outdoor has sea kayaks for both one and two paddlers. The single kayaks from the German brand Prijon have ample storage space for long trips and expeditions. Prijon Kodiak, one of our models, is a classic kayak for long trips with a lot of packing. Kodiak has been used by several expedition paddles, among others Renata Chlumska.

The tandem kayaks have a third cockpit / extra cargo space to accommodate a lot of packing, a child or a dog. A “regular” tandem kayak does not normally have enough packing space for a multi-day trip.

First book which kayaks you wish to rent. Then click on “Next step”. There is the possibility to add our basic package, paddle jackets, neoprene shoes and camping equipment.

This is included in the basic package:

  • Map package (map, waterproof card case, compass)
  • Practical instructions on land on paddle technology and safety
  • Review of suitable paddle routes
  • Information on suitable overnight places
  • Weather forecast every evening with advice on the continued paddling.
  • Storage of backpacks and other things during your kayaking.

Prices for basic package:
2 days, SEK 500/group
Additional days, SEK 50/day

Optional camping-kit:

  • Tent (1 tent / 2 people or a spacious tipi tent at least 4 people)
  • Inflatable sleeping mat
  • Sleeping bag with sleeping bag drawer
  • Trangia storm kitchen with fluid (1 kitchen / 2 people)
  • Kitchen kit with spices, oil and dishwashing soap
  • 2 waterproof packing bags / person
  • Vattendunkar
  • Plates, cups, cutlery
  • Toilet-kit (shovel and toilet paper)

Prices campingkit:
Right now it is only possible to book the products individually. A camping package will be posted shortly.

If you do not have previous experience or just a little experience of kayaking, it is good to start with a beginner’s course. The course is for those who have not paddled kayak before or who have only tried at some point. The course mainly deals with how you operate and handle a kayak as well as safety when paddling. A good paddle technique allows you to paddle longer without tiring out. Great emphasis is also placed on safety so that you can save both yourself and others if someone should roll over with their kayak.

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