The rental is open from 5 July to 28 August.

At Vänern Outdoor you can rent a kayak in Mariestad. We have kayaks for beginners, for the more advanced paddler and for those who want to bring children or even a dog on the tour. Here you will also find expedition kayaks for longer kayak adventures in Vänern.

For security reasons, we do not rent open canoes on Lake Vänern. Instead, choose one of our stable and safe tandem kayaks that are safe on the inland sea Vänern if you want to paddle together.

The kayaks are rented out from Mariestad harbouror. By agreement, we can also give out kayaks at Ekuddens camping and Snapens beach north of Mariestad. The kayaks must be returned no later than 20:00.

Prices 2020 (in Swedish Krones)Single Kayak
Double Kayak
3 hours300450
Full day 9-20450600
24 hours600750
48 hours
1 0001 250
72 hours1 4001 750
4-7 full days1 8002 250

If you want to rent a kayak in Mariestad and transport it yourself to another place, you can pick it up and leave it on Skiffervägen 5, Mariestad after your trip. Please always book a pickup and dropoff time in advance as the staffing is very irregular. You can then borrow foam blocks, which are clamped onto a regular roof rack, to keep the kayak steady and protect your car’s roof. We can also transport one or more kayaks for you if you want to paddle in other places. Read more on mobile kayak rentals.

If you have never paddled kayak before, it may be advisable to first try our guided try-out kayaking or a beginner’s course with us.

Booking via mail
Booking via telephone +46 (0)735 81 82 82.

We want you to be happy with your experience. Sometimes the conditions change and you can then cancel without charge. If needed, lease do this as much in advance as possible.

What’s included?
Review & safety instruction
Kayak & Paddle
Life jacket & cockpit chapel

All paddling is at your own risk.
Swimming skills at least 200 m.
Minimum 18 years old accompanied by a guardian
Lifejacket should be used during paddling.
Always bring mobile phone in a waterproof bag.
Notify us as soon as possible, or if you need help!
Do not paddle in places where you cannot imagine kayaking.

Rental Terms
 Kayaks are to be returned clean.
You must respect the Swedish “everyman’s right”.
 You are liable for damages to or theft of rented equipment. Be careful with rudder and bark. They are the most sensitive parts of the kayak.
We reserve the right not to let you paddle out if the conditions are too harsh!

Our Kayaks

Kayaks with ske have a small “center table” that can be folded down into the stern and which makes the kayak course stable, turns you with the help of the paddle and by leaning. A kayak with rudder is controlled by means of foot pedals that you operate with the rudder.

Kayaks most suitable for day trips:

Point 65 XO13 10 pcs A very stable and safe kayak that is easy to maneuver and price stable. With two solid packing spaces, it also works for multi-day trips. Suitable for most waters except open sea. A generously sized cockpit makes it easy to get in and out. Dimensions: 400 × 63 cm, max. Load: 155 kg, dab and rudderer

Sea Kayaks:

Point 65 SeaCruiser 1 pc SeaCruiser is a good beginner kayak without it feeling boring. It is course stable and relatively easy to drive. There are two small packing doors that you reach from the cockpit. It is equipped with an inflatable AIR seat for good seating comfort.
Dimensions: 525×58 cm, max load 165 kg, dab and rudder

Prijon Touryak 500 2 pcs The size and volume of this kayak make it perfect for larger paddlers who are looking for a stable kayak or for those who want a good kayak to photograph or for example, to do bird watching from. Extra large cockpit makes it easier for larger paddlers to get in and out. 
Dimensions: 503×63 cm, mainly for paddlers 75-120 kg, rudder.

Prijon Seayak 500 2 pcs Seayak 500 has a relatively small cockpit and narrow width, which makes it suitable for smaller paddlers but also fits longer paddlers with a lighter physique. The model is both stable and easy to maneuver and the low aft deck makes it easy to drive. 
Dimensions: 500 × 56.5 cm, mainly for paddlers 50-70 kg, rudder

Prijon Seayak 520 1 pcs  With its larger volume and cockpit, Seayak 520 is designed for paddlers with larger and heavier body structure. The model is very suitable for long paddling over the open sea and with a great need for packing possibilities. The design is modern with thoughtful details. Lowered tires around the rear of the cockpit also help to make it easy to drive. Dimensions 518×57.5 cm, mainly for paddlers 80-110 kg, rudder

Prijon Kodiak 2 pcs This is a kayak for long trips with a lot of packing. Kodiak has been used by several expedition paddles, among others. John Turk, Renata Chlumska and Barbro Lindman. The kayak is easy to drive, very stable and works great in the rough sea. It is ideal for large paddlers and for paddlers with long legs thanks to the generous space in the cockpit. It has adjustable thigh support which means that even paddlers of medium size get good contact with the kayak.
Dimensions: 518×59 cm, mainly for paddlers 60-120 kg, rudder

Boreal Design Baffin P2 1 pc Baffin is built for tough conditions in rough lake. The kayak has hard bumps and rounded bottom, which means that it can be paddled in an active and close-to-the-way manner and gets the most out of the little more experienced paddler. Despite this, Baffin is neither particularly rank nor hard to paddle, which means that it also works great for beginners. It has a low profile which gives a minimal wind trap. Sturdy thigh supports provide good contact with the kayak and together with the low aft deck, the kayak becomes easy to roll. Refreshments hatch. 
Dimensions: 518 × 56.5 cm, mainly for paddlers 65-100 kg, dab (not rudder)

Tandem kayaks for two or more people:

Prijon Poseidon 1 pc Double for sea kayaking. The model is ideal for paddling in the archipelago and on open sea. The length, the slightly narrower hull and the hull design make Poseidon an easy-to-drive double kayak. The hull design provides good course stability and makes the kayak more suitable for open water. 
Dimensions: 518 × 68 cm, Mainly for paddlers up to 100 kg, rudder

Boreal Design Esperanto 1 pc Long and lightly paddled twhere-you kayak with an extra hatch in the middle. The extra packing door allows you to fit with extra large camping equipment. You can also remove the packing door and have room for a child or a dog.
Dimensions: 594×72 cm, rudder

Tahe maxi K3 1 pcs An incredibly stable kayak with a large volume for two paddlers. Between the paddles there is an extra cockpit with room for one or two children, a dog or an extra large camping equipment. If you bring children there is a paddle to borrow with. Despite the stability, this is an easy-to-drive and fast kayak. 
Dimensions: 645 × 69 cm, loads 350 kg, rudder, fiberglass

Payment: We accept payment by card (also in the wild), cash payment and prepayment

Tahe maxi K3 with room for two adults and one or two children, dog or an extra large packing