Vänern Outdoors kayak rental is completely mobile. The kayaks are delivered to the place where you want to start the paddling from and pick up where you want to finish. Rented kayaks are delivered at no extra cost within Mariestad (Hamnen, Ekuddens camping and Snapens outdoor garden / bath). 

If you want to rent a kayak in Mariestad and transport it yourself, we lend out foam blocks that are easily attached to a regular roof rack. Then the kayak / kayaks are firmly in place without being damaged. Pick-up and drop-off you do on Skiffervägen 5 in Mariestad, but please call first and decide the time. We are often out at work and then have no staffing.

As long as there is space we can offer you a ride as well with no extra cost if you wish.

If you rent kayaks from us we offer a package price of 200 SEK + 50 SEK / kayak + kayak rent for delivery and pickup from the following places around Mariestad:

  • Torsö
  • Dillö
  • Sjötorp
  • Lyrestad
  • Töreboda
  • Vristulven

For other transports of rented kayaks outside Mariestad, we charge a cost of 5 SEK / km + 50 SEK / kayak + kayak rent. The route refers to the distance from Vänern Outdoor in Mariestad to the loading site and the distance from the pick-up site back to Vänern Outdoor.

We can bring up to 6 people and up to 16 kayaks per turn. This allows you to plan a trip from one place to another without having to paddle back the same route.

A package where we transport the kayaks you rent is best booked over info@vanernoutdoor.se or by phone +46 (0) 735 81 82 82. For prices and rental terms see Rental kayak in Mariestad